Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi.
Post Graduate Diploma in
Participatory Management of Displacement, Resettlement & Rehabilitation (PGDMRR)

MRR-103: Participatory Planning of Resettlement and Rehabilitation

MRR-103: Participatory Planning of Resettlement and Rehabilitation

The objective of MRR-103, Participatory Planning of Resettlement and Rehabilitation, is to introduce you to planned and design of development projects. The Course deals with the issues and techniques required in the field for the different stages of planning, implementation and management of R&R Projects.
a) Block 7, Baseline Survey and Data Analysis, deals with the various techniques of survey, which are appropriate for project affected people and project and affected areas. It entails identification of project affected persons and acquiring the techniques for collecting primary and secondary data that are essential for preparing resettlement and rehabilitation plans.
b) Block 8, Making a Participatory R&R Plan, focuses on the various steps to be followed in making a resettlement action plan and a checklist of actions to be taken to the field. Further, it emphasises the need and benefits of database management systems and concludes with a description of data operations using MS Excel.
c) Block 9, Valuation of Assets, discusses the types of assets acquired for development projects, the nature of compensation paid for the acquired property and the different methods of calculating compensation. It deals with the valuation of quantifiable assets through market- determined processes as well as valuation of non-quantifiable assets through non-marked indirect methods. In addition, the Block provides the perspective of financial institutions that have high stakes in resettlement and rehabilitation aspects of infrastructure projects.
d) Block 10, Legal Framework of R&R, Elaborates the content of laws related with resettlement and rehabilitation to emphasise the scope of minimsing the trauma and suffering entailed and displacement and to regulate the processes so that displaced families receive maximum benefits. Administrative procedures involved in the R&R related laws are quite comprehensive and the Karnataka case-study explains the various aspects of the procedures.
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