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Those who are interested in Maharashtra Engineering (Civil) Service Examination (MECSE) conducted by Maharashtra Public Service Commission, (MPSC) in order to select Class-I and Class-II officers in  engineering departments of Government of Maharashtra are requested to visit this page
Before downloading notes, I request you to visit National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL): designed by A Joint Venture by seven Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and Funded by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India.
I was involved in preparation of course - Advanced Transportation Engineering at IIT Kanpur as a MTech Student. Click here for details.
 You can download my notes covering most of the syllabus and it will be helpful for the students preparing for following examinations-
1) BE Civil (University of Pune)
3) MPSC Engineering Service Examination
4) UPSC Civil Services Examination (with following optional papers for preliminary and main examination)
      1. Civil Engineering (Paper I and II)
2. Public Administration
5) UPSC-Indian Engineering Service Examination
Click Here for List of Reference Books in Civil Engineering
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Construction Management
01-Quality Control
 312 KB
02-Construction Equipment
2,272 KB
03-Site Layout
260 KB
04-Safety Engineering
260 KB
7,630 KB
06-Material Management
2,366 KB
07-Design of Formwork
2,248 KB
08-Erection Techniques
1,949 KB
09-Transportation & Handling Techniques
1,546 KB
9,830 KB
19,042 KB
23, 386 KB
7,059 KB
11,435 KB
12,601 KB
12,006 KB
14,924 KB
4,213 KB
8,231 KB
Environment Engineering
01-Water Requirements
2,112 KB
02-Sources of Water Supply
5,097 KB
03-Quality of Water
1,120 KB
04-Filteration of Water
3,379 KB
05-Disinfection of Water
680 KB
06-Water Softening
1,416 KB
07-Distribution System
1,439 KB
08-Pipe Apperatunces
901 KB
09-Water Pollution
297 KB
10-Collection & Conveyance of Sewage
659 KB
Fluid Mechanics
01-Open Channel Flow
8,299 KB
02-Three reservoir Problem
471 KB
03-Buoyancy & Floatation
4,092 KB
04-Kinematics of Fluid Flow
4,893 KB
05-Flow through Pipes
3,814 KB
06-Dimensional Analysis
1,883 KB
07-Laminar Flow
1,445 KB
08-Dynamics of Fluid Flow
9,874 KB
09-Gradually Varied Flow
2,310 KB
1,353 KB
11-Outlets & Energy Dissipation
20, 253 KB
12-Pressure and its Measurement
913 KB
13-Kinematics of Particle
6,023 KB
14-Total Pressure
2,344 KB
15-Formulae at a Glance
6,727 KB
16-Exercise-Prperties of Fluid
2,075 KB
01-Types of Rocks
1,816 KB
02-Structural Geology
2,142 KB
03-Modes of Occurrence of Igneous Rock
629 KB
04-Indian Geology
2,042 KB
05-Earthquake & Wind Action
718 KB
06-Core Logging
810 KB
07-Engg Applications
541 KB
08-Geologial Problems in Dam
466 KB
09-Tunnelling Methods
1,911 KB
734 KB
Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
1,622 KB
Irrigation & Hydrology
01-Dams, Reservoir Planning
1,166 KB
421 KB
03-Lift Irrigation
1,825 KB
594 KB
05-Canal Drops
1,195 KB
06-Canal Lining
2,482 KB
07-Assessment of Canal Revenue
1,063 KB
08-Gravity Dam
1,567 KB
09-Earthen Dam
615 KB
10-Canal Design
647 KB
1,368 KB
1,348 KB
Engineering Mechanics
01-Importatnt Formulae
1,984 KB
1,249 KB
03-Curvilinear Motion
2,587 KB
04-Kinetics of Particle
1,084 KB
369 KB
06-Kinematics of Particle-Notes by J P George
3,265 KB
07-Kinetics of Particle-Notes by J P George
3,868 KB
Numerical Methods
01-Area Calculations
2,699 KB
02-Root Calculations
2,986 KB
03-Linear Algebraic Equations
1,616 KB
04-NM-Class Notes
2,201 KB
Important Notes
708 KB
Pre-stressed Concrete
01-Introuction to Pre-stressed Concrete
825 KB
02-Precast Concrete Structures
1,515 KB
03-Pre & Post Tensioning
1,569 KB
1,596 KB
Reinforced Cement Concrete
01. Methods of Design of RC section
3,527 KB
02. Properties of Materials
7,441 KB
03. Singly Reinforced Section
8,720 KB
04. Working Stress Method
3,310 KB
05. Doubly Reinforced Section
1,507 KB
Steel Structures
01. Rivetted, Bolted & welded Connections
24,603 KB
02. Tension Members
17,084 KB
03. Compression Member
18,131 KB
04. Lasing & Battening
3,903 KB
05. Column Bases
7,690 KB
06. Beams
6,999 KB
07. Builtup Column
2,236 KB
08. Plastic Theory
26,875 KB
Strength of Materials
01-Stress & Strain
625 KB
02-Principles of Stress & Strain
599 KB
03-Deflection of Beams
955 KB
04-Column & Strut
607 KB
05-Direct & Bending Stress
1,097 KB
621 KB
Theory of Structures
01-Slope Deflection Method
2,408 KB
02-Continuos Beam
1,057 KB
03-Indeterminate Beam by Principle of Least Work
1,068 KB
04-Analysis of Redundant Frames
1,374 KB
05-Moment Distribution Method
996 KB
06-Axially Loaded Column
399 KB
07-Structural Analysis
936 KB
08-Displacement Methods
466 KB
09-Slope Deflection for Frames
503 KB
10-Moving Loads & ILD's
1,397 KB
11-ILD for Truss
997 KB
12-ILD for Arches & Indeterminate Str
541 KB
822 KB
Questions by Dr. J P George
1,752 KB
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Pravin Kolhe is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
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