Summer Camp-2006 @ IIT, Kanpur


Ref: Civil Engineering & Construction review, Vol 19, N0. 12, Dec 2006, pp 12

 Fifty five students from reputed engineering colleges across the country were selected for the sixth consecutive Summer Camp from 7 June 2006 to 4 July 2006. Each day of the 28 days of the camp was planned for the variety of academic and physical activities keeping in mind the holistic development of the participants. The Summer Camp-2006 was organized by IIT Kanpur (IIT-K) and Tondon Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (TCPL).

A typical day began at 6:00 AM with morning exercise under the professional guidance. The pre-lunch session was dedicated to interesting videos on construction of world famous structures, interactive lectures and project presentations by participants. The afternoon session included Civil Engineering games, quizzes and small lab projects at a competitive level geared to test presence of mind, common sense and knowledge of Civil Engineering. The evening was dedicated to sports where competitions were organized in variety of tournaments. Cultural activities and light entertainment followed dinner, ending around 10:30 PM.

The camp was kick-started by two lectures namely “Dig Deep to Fly High” by Mrs. Ranjana Tandon (TCPL) and “Choosing a Career” by Dr. S. K. Jain (IITK). They served as an eye opener for the students, who realized the importance of self-actualization and the value of informed decision making in selecting their career. Shri. A. P. Bahadur (Ministry of SRTH) discussed the safety in road design and Intelligent Transport System (ITS). Mr. Pradeep Dutta (Z-Tech, India) showcased the applications of geosynthetics in modern world. Mr. Jose Kurian, (Chief Engineer, DTTDC) spoke on the planning, design and construction of Wazirabad cable stayed bridge.

An open house seminar titled “The importance of Post-graduation in Civil Engineering” was organized during the camp, which concluded with a note that post-graduate study does not only improve thinking process for gaining in depth knowledge in a subject but also gives training of focusing the mind to quality work.

Apart from technical lectures and presentations by visiting luminaries and IITK faculty, a series of “Popular Lectures” were organized. Another activity of the Summer camp was a week-long trip to Delhi. The morning was devoted to the lectures by professionals and academicians, while the afternoon was spent on visiting on-going construction sites and laboratories at IIT Delhi. Mr. Ashok Pande (TCPL) discussed the design details of Khalsa Heritage and Lotus Temple. Mr. Shishir Bansal (EE, DTTDC) spoke on the innovations brought into the construction of underpass at Madhuban Chowk. Mr. A. K. Sharma (Director, CPWD) discussed the deterioration of concrete in urban construction. Mr. A. K. Chakraborty (DG, CPWD) spoke on the concept of urban transportation with reference to Commomwealth Games 2010 infrastructure. Another highlight of the week was the visit to Delhi Metro ail Corporation (DMRC) site followed by an inspiring lecture by Dr. E. Shreedharan, the man behind the DMRC project.

Based on the overall performance of the candidates in various events, two best campers were selected, viz. Miss Divya Bajaj from School of Building Science and Technology, CEPT University and Mr. Saurabh Tripathi from BIET, Jhansi.

The camp was largely helped by a team of 24 volunteers (PG students from IITK) who took care of many day to day activities which included managing the team and organization of various sessions. As a by-product of summer camp, the organizing team too gained vastly in terms of team spirit and matured as individuals.

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